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Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019

Electrical Engineering

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  1. Preventative Maintenance of generators, transformers, motors, mini-substations, switchgear and maintenance auditing
  2. High voltage transformer reliability assessment
  3. Load flow and Fault Level Calculation
  4. Low Voltage Power Distribution and Reticulation Networks
  5. Equipment Sizing (Cables, Transformers, Cable Racking, Switchgear, MCC Feeders, etc)
  6. Standby emergency power supply (UPS and Generators)
  7. Typical MCC Schematics & MV Switchgear typical schematics
  8. MV and HV substation design and maintenance
  9. CAD Drawings
  10. Project Planning and scheduling and progress reports
  11. Power transformer condition monitoring
  12. Power transformer oil sampling plan, oil sampling and laboratory testing
  13. Construction of electrical infrastructure (MV & LV network)
  14. Electrical infrastructure asset register